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Wayfarers' Ale Society came together in 2012 as a group of craft beer enthusiasts living in Nova Scotia to create and develop our own beers, (both lagers and ales) in contrast to the ever increasing blandness of industrial beers and very hoppy but good craft beers (of course we do make hoppy beers as well). After a lot of experimenting, and tasting, we gravitated towards making really interesting beers, that go well with foods, and we also enjoyed reviving some heritage beer recipes and seasonal beers such as fresh filtered light ales. A point came when so many of our friends liked our beers that the Society decided to also make these available to the everyone. We needed more brewing space and so the decision to build a new craft brewery was hatched, one with a focus of designing and making beers we enjoyed ourselves, and also in response to our desire to 'support local' in a very real way here in the Valley.

In fact Canada and Nova Scotia makes superb craft beer and Wayfarers' Ale Society stands proudly in support of developing the craft beer business here in the Annapolis Valley, employing local people and keeping our investment dollars right here at home, using local suppliers and can boast that all of our main equipment was sourced from Canada and the Maritimes.

Why Wayfarer?

The name Wayfarers' Ale is a tribute to an old custom in England where medieval travellers, 'wayfarers' as they were known, would stop at local churches, knock on the door, and be given a small horn of ale and a piece of bread to refresh and help them along their journey. We love this idea, and need this at times, and so we thought we'd honour this tradition, so please ask for the 'dole' if you're on a journey and somewhere along life's path!


Located in Port Williams at the Wharf on the Cornwallis River


(growler prices include tax)

Hellene - A slender Blonde Ale of German lineage brewed with Pilsner malt and Continental hops. Much to young to be bitter. A really light, refreshing beer for those hot summer days.

ABV 4.2% - IBU 17
0.95l - $7
1.89l - $12
refillable growlers (either size) $5

Ruby Ale - A crafty Irish Red with chocolate overtones and a bold, but not overwhelming, hop profile. Maritime malt balanced with traditional English hops.

ABV 4.8% - IBU 30
0.95l - $7
1.89l - $12

Thistle Dew - Scottish Ale (not a Scotch Ale) A malty ale with a low hop profile.

ABV 4.8% - IBU 20
0.95l - $7
1.89l - $12

EPA - A traditional English Pale Ale with touch of bitterness. Flavourful enough that you could drink it flat and warm, but we don't serve it that way...

ABV 5.0% - IBU 30
0.95l - $7
1.89l - $12

The One-Eyed River Hog (X O) - Our IPA. Five Hop varieties added at five different stages creating a truly unique beer with a lot of attitude.

ABV 6.2% - IBU 50
0.95l - $9
1.89l - $15

Hellga - Hellene's older sister, for those that prefer their blondes with a little more body. A lusty beer, a touch on the sweet side, that doesn't harbour any bitterness.

ABV 5.0% - IBU 21
0.95l - $7
1.89l - $12

Having a party or special event? Get a party keg!
19.9l kegs - $100 plus HST ($100 keg deposit required)
50l kegs - $250 plus HST ($150 keg deposit required)

River Hog 19.9l kegs - $120 plus HST ($100 keg deposit required)
River Hog 50l kegs - $300 plus HST ($150 keg deposit required)

kegerator rental $75/week (gov't id and credit card required)


The Wayfarers' Ale Society


The Society was established for the promotion of knowledge and interest in Craft Beers and Heritage Ales, and to establish a commercially viable microbrewery that will employ local people in Nova Scotia. If you feel that you have something to offer that might further the vision of the society, you can contact them at .



Monday - Thursday: 12 PM to 8 PM
Friday: 12 PM to 8 PM (11 PM on nights with live music)
Saturday: 12 PM to 11 PM
Morning growler sales most Saturdays after 9 AM



Wayfarers' Ale Ltd.
1116 Kars St.
P.O. Box 149
Port Williams, NS  B0P 1T0

Email Wayfarers' Ale Ltd. and the Wayfarers' Ale Society at:

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